Knowlton's is known nationwide as the specialists in engine building and assembling process. Building high horsepower, reliable engines with years of on-the-field experience combined with the best in engine building technologies to bring you the most competitive engine for your chassis.

For the last fifteen years, Knowlton's Thunderheads and Racing Engines and Lofgren Auto Specialties have had a close working relationship. As of September 1, 2013, our two companies have merged and in doing so, have brought an immense amount of experience and skill under one roof to better serve our customers. Under the KTRE banner, we will bring you power and reliability for years to com.

Tried, tested, and proven: Knowlton's Engines are built to handle the serious competitve horsepower you require; using products and equipment proven to work for your application. Competition valves, rods, pistons, cranks; you name it, we have it.

Did you also know we have CNC capabilities and sell complete packages ready to go? Our CNC P&P process is unbelievable and WILL result in the best flow numbers and WILL gain you the most horsepower from our research on the science and art of head port flow technology. We offer these heads as well as many other products on our ONLINE STORE and can also do the machining to your engine head.

Give your racer the quality, competitive edge with custom cylinder heads, race engines, and headporting from Knowlton's Thunderheads & Racing Engines. With 7 years' experience in the industry, our staff has the expertise to provide you with any custom part, system, or service for your performance engine. Whatever your upgrade goals or expectations, contact us today and let us help you move your car to the front of the pack.

Contact us today for cylinder heads, race engines, and custom engine design.


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